Want to know about the psychology major requirements


As we know, psychology is a science of mind and behaviour which includes study of unconscious and conscious phenomena. It has 12 psychology courses and two ancillary computer science or math courses required. If you are planning to schedule your course with psychology then consult with the psychology major checklist. Nowadays, people are interested to study psychology degree for many reasons and you must understand the psychology major requirements which are really useful to you.

Massive information about psychology major requirements

Actually, psychology major is required to take 13 credits. If you wish to graduate then you must have minimum GPA of 2.0 is required. When it comes to the psychology major requirements then it includes

  • Introduction to the experimental psychology
  • Distribution requirement
  • Statistics requirement
  • Electives requirement
  • Research requirement

When it comes to introduction to experimental psychology then it offers initial contact with basic and facts concepts which underlie field as the whole. It could be the integrated treatment of scientific basis of field. PSYC001 is the prerequisite to all other kinds of the psychology course at 100 levels. If you earned five on AP exam then you might grab waiver for PSYC001. These students can take other 100 through 400 levels PSYC course so you might get total of 13 psychology credits via the major. If you need any clarifications then you might contact advisor in your college about securing the waiver. Basically, psychology is the diverse discipline and they distribute their core courses around three content areas which ensure the broad coverage. These content areas include cognitive science, biological science, and social science. Majors are advisable to take 100 level courses in each area and subsequent course in specific area. It has total of six distribution courses. Remember one thing; this kind of the courses might change from time to time and new courses could be either deleted or added. Inferential statistics are crucial one to understand and conduct the research in psychology. If you are planning to study psychology then you should understand psychology major requirements that could be useful to you. Remember one thing; each psychology major might be required for taking the approved statistics course. Actually, it is the diverse discipline and it might distribute the core courses around three content areas which ensure broad coverage.

Recommended sequence of the psychology courses

Students are advisable to take the general psychology at their first year. Two or three psychology course must to take before starting the required sequence. Students are advisable to take ancillary mathematics course during two years. Strong background in math is recommended to prepare students for their non academic and future academic careers. You must discuss with your advisor regarding math requirements once you device major in psychology. Remember one thing, all psychology major should complete capstone course. Internship in psychology is the work or academic or intensive experience which might combine hundred hours of the supervised work at the psychology related courses.


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