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How to find Volunteer work in the Psychology Area

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Volunteer work for psychology gives a great opportunity to learn about the field and also make a difference.

Places you may want to volunteer:
• AIDS Counseling hot-line
• Suicide Prevention hot-line
• Teenage Runaways
• Serve as a research assistant (check with your school)
• As a camp counselor that works with developmentally delayed kids and children who are emotionally troubled
• In patient and out patient behavioral centers

Check with your psychology department and professors. They may be getting a new grant from the state government which would allow them to do research and allow students to participate. If you are unable to find any resourceful information on volunteering in the psychology area check on the internet. Simply type the above keyword and your area. Call the organization in your area and ask them if you can do some volunteer work. They should be more than happy to provide you with hours of experience.

This experience can then be used as a recommendation letter which will show graduate schools your familiarity with the field.