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What is the difference between a Psy.D and a PhD?

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

A PhD stands for doctor of philosophy. The training for a PhD takes 3-4 yrs of coursework, usually 1 yr of dissertation research and 1 yr internship (1500 hours). The main focus is conducting research, training in statistics and psychotherapy.


A Psy.D stands for doctor of psychology. The training for Psy.D takes about 3-4 yrs or coursework and 2 yrs of internship. The emphasis of this program is on clinical training than research.


PhD. degrees focuses more on a scientific model and places more importance on research and experimental methods while  Psy.D degrees focuses more on a practitioner model and give emphasis to clinical work.


Choosing either Psy.D or PhD depends what you want to do. Do you want to train with an emphasis in research or clinical training?

Heres a helpful list of  Phd careers in psychology.

Psychology Major Career Path 2: Ms. Raj goes to Grad school for a Psy.D

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Psychologymajor.org asked Janice Raj (a recent graduate of SJSU) about her path with psychology. Shes has recently been accepted to John F. Kennedy University for Clinical psychology, America.

What interested you about Psychology?

I took couple of classes during my freshmen year as an elective and realized that I was very interested in psychology. I declared psychology as my minor. The more classes I took in psychology, the more I got interested in it. The more I took political science which was my major at that time, the more I became disinterested in it as a result, i changed psychology to my major.

What worked for you and helped you succeed?

Being close to my professors and getting the right advice from them. Doing a lot of research online, talking to people, and networking.

What were some pitfalls which you recommend to avoid?

Stop listening to everyone. Most of the things you hear from others are partly or fully incorrect. I learned the most when I took the time and talked to advisors.

Where are you now with psychology?

I’m starting graduate school at JFKU for a PsyD in Clinical Psychology

What do you plan on doing?

I plan to become a professor and a therapist

What can students expect in salary if they take the same path?

Students can expect more than 55k once they graduate and start working