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Psychology Major Career Path 4: Professor Callaghan

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Psychologymajor.org recently interviewed Professor Callaghan of San Jose State University. Professor Callaghan is involved in research as well as teaching various psychology courses.

What interested you about Psychology?

When I was an undergraduate I became interested in psychology. I saw it as a way to live life and as an application of philosophy. Studying as an undergraduate psychology showed me how biology interfaced with a larger level of analysis.

What worked for you and helped you succeed?

I think as an undergraduate I finally got decent advice about graduate school and what was a good  fit for my interest. In  graduate school I had a great adviser who helped with all the questions I had and helped me achieve my goals. It really helps to find a mentor.  Part of my success was finding my bliss. Work becomes much easier and you feel rewarded.

What were some pitfalls which you recommend to avoid?

Personally, don’t think you have it all figured out and even if you think you have don’t let people know that. The real key is to stay open to theories, ideas, and different people.

Where are you now with psychology?

I am a professor of psychology. I have active lines of research. I teach an active amount of classes and see a few amount of clients therapy.

What do you plan on doing?

I honestly really enjoy what I’m doing now. I would like to write a book on the type of therapy that I do.  Live a good life, be great dad, play the guitar, and provide value to the world.

What can students expect in salary if they take the same path?

For a clinical psychologist in academics: starting fairly low $55k and if they stay in it $88K.