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Geriatrics: A Growing Market for Jobs

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

It has been estimated that 77 million Americans will begin hitting their retirement age this year (2010). Gerontology is a major or minor you can take  during college. It will give you an understanding on the growing population of retires. You will learn their habits, thinking patterns, and their health issues.

The elderly is society’s prized population. They have worked hard during their prime and desire to live another fulfilling part before they pass on. Sometimes the elderly can become dependent on others when they start facing health issues. They move into retirement homes where caretakers can effectively care for them.

Do you enjoy caring for others? Do you care deeply for the elderly? Then being a caretaker can be a motivating position for you. Other positions involve organizing activity programs for seniors, helping with insurance programs, and caring for the elderly at behavioral centers.

If you are interested look into your local phone book or on the internet and call the nearest retirement home. Ask them how you can apply. Ask for what prerequisites they are looking for since they may want a college degree before they interview you.