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Acceptance Rates for Graduate school

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Going to graduate school is not easy. You are required to have a high grade point average, GRE scores, experience, letters of recommendation and statement of intent. Even having these it is important to know the odds.


PhD programs have lower odds of acceptance. For instance in class of 5-10 they will accept 4-12% of those who applied. Here is a statistic taken out Professor Callaghan’s Clinical Psychology lecture notes at San Jose State University.


Private schools:

  • 7511 applied
  • 873 accepted
  • 12% acceptance rate


Public schools:

  • 15198 applied
  • 1033 accepted
  • 6% acceptance rate


Note: Schools must be accredited by the American Psychological Association


Masters programs are easier to get in than PhD programs since there are so many of them available. They have less competition accept 25-50% from those that apply.


If you still want to get into PhD program but realize it will by difficult you can always get into a masters program first then go for a PhD. That is a route many people have taken. Never give up on your dreams but know the odds.