Learn What You Can Do With a Psychology Degree

How to get an Internship

Having an internship is a great way to teach you more about your career path. At the end of the internship you may want to continue your career path or go a different route. It can also distinguish you from other students when applying to graduate school.

Here are some helpful ways to find them:

  • Visit the homepages of Universities/colleges.  Check to see if the school provides internships. Email professors at those schools asking about internships. Once you find applications just fill them out and wait
  • Check out the career center on campus
  • Look into non-profit organizations and social services organizations such as the Young Women Resource Center and Domestic Violence Alternatives
  • Do you have a dream company which you would like to work for? Check their homepage and see if they have internships you could take. This will be a great stepping stone  of experience with that company
  • Mentoring students or becoming a teaching assistant can help you get an internship
  • Speak to students in your major and alumni.
  • Networking. Ask around Tweet and Facebook!
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  • Izzya123@aol.com

    I have been working as a school psychologist for the past seven years. I have been providing counseling services and identifying, via appropriate assessment, students with different disabilities or lack there of. I am currently seeking supervision to fulfill the required hours for MFT. Do you have any suggestions to provide me with to accomplish my goals?
    Thank you for your time and attention,
    Isabel Alvarez