Learn What You Can Do With a Psychology Degree

What colleges should you choose?

Where will you study? Ask yourself where you would like to go. Write down a list of the possible places which you’d like to attend. Out of that list start researching each school. Look at University/College catalogs. Check the website. See what is offered at the school. Are there clubs you would like to join? Does the school have a spirit when it comes to sports? Where ever the school is located ask yourself if it is a town or city you would enjoy? Will you be far away from home? Once in a while you make become homesick and want to return home for certain events. Think of how much the trip may cost. Consider your options where ever the school is located when finalizing your decisions.

How much does it cost to go the school you’ve been dreaming about? Figure out how much the school may cost you each year. Calculate those numbers into 4-5 years and that is how much it will cost you to attend that intuition as an undergraduate. Will your parents be helping you with college? If they are paying ask them what they think about the college you are attending and if they are fine with you going somewhere far.

Does the school provide any financial opportunities such as scholarships? How many students graduate per year? Asking alumni for advice is another great way to collect information about your school. You can contact them on social media websites such as www.facebook.com or www.myspace.com . There should be clubs or fan pages for your school. Contact the alumni or current students and nicely ask them about their experiences.